If the whole world was able to adopt our closed loop process we would not have to cut another tree down for 75 years.

By Rajan Ahluwalia
Transforming How Cities Recycle

Our Cornerstones

Our Vision

Developing sustainable local economies, globally; that co-exist with nature.

Our Mission

To be the greenest and number one producer of 100% recycled paper and paper products.

Our Values
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Safety
  • Code Of Ethics

Greys Products

All Greys paper products are FSC Certified as 100% post consumer waste products, and are produced from local area recycled paper and cotton.All of our listed products are fully customizable and can be printed tor eflect your business or organizations image.


We are manufacturers of 100% recycled paper made from waste cotton & waste paper.

“A paper mill that works with you from start to finish, bring us your waste paper, we will recycle it and sell you the new paper – fresh out of the oven.”
Paper Made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.